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16Aug 2021

Part 1:What is Tarot : A Universal Language

Part 1:What is Tarot: A Universal Language

The Tarot is a deck of 78 mystical cards. There are 22 cards that form the Major Arcana and represent individuals who personify a particular quality or archetype. The 56 cards of the Minor Arcana represent events, people, behavior, ideas, and activities that go on in our lives. For hundreds of years, the tarot has been one of the most important Western mythical pathways for fortune-telling, divination, and self-development. With connections to alchemy, psychology, astrology, numerology, Kabbalah, Christian mysticism, Eastern philosophy, and many other esoteric traditions, the tarot is available to everyone. It is a mirror of the human soul.

A Universal Language

Each card has an image, a name, and a number, which are potent symbols and have specific meanings. At its simplest level, tarot is a universal language that speaks through a variety of archetypal symbols. Getting to know the meaning behind these symbols, and your own reactions to the symbols means you can identify with these qualities in your own life, work with them in a positive way and enhance personal development and relationships.
Symbols and archetypes have profound significance, with many layers and levels of meaning; they open us up to the hidden depths of ourselves which we might unconsciously choose to deny, repress, or exile. This universal language makes the tarot a unique tool for self-understanding and for making choices about the future.

Self-understanding and psychological growth
The tarot provides an instant and direct way to understand the rhythms or patterns at work in your life. Uncannily, the tarot also seems to predict patterns or events that are about to happen. This may be our conscious follow-up rection based on the tarot’s imagery at the reading.
We often want a signpost to a decision or a confirmation of our doubts or belief in a relationship. The tarot can give us clues to the sort of day we might have, or who we might fall in love with. Again, the card reflects or own hidden desires, actions and goals. It can help to develop our own self-awareness so that we can make conscious choices, understand the reasons behind a situation or give guidance as to the next stage of our personal life journey. In fact, the tarot is all about you.