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18Oct 2021

What Kind of questions should you ask during a Tarot Reading?

Asking specific questions during tarot readings helps you get clearer answers. However, avoid asking negative questions and particularly ones that mean you are denying responsibility for your choices.

Examples of questions that avoid responsibility:

Will my ex-boyfriend /girlfriend come back to me?

Should I change my career?

Rephrase these questions as follows:

I want my ex back, but how can I improve the relationship between us?

A career change would improve my lifestyle. Can you help me find a way to decide what would suit me best?

For specific questions, always write them down before you start shuffling and drawing cards.

Other possible questions?

Love and Relationship

When Will I meet my soulmate?
When will we get married?
Is he the right person for me?


Is this change of career good for me?
Should I leave my job and look for a new one?
What Will I get out of this job if I stay on?
Does my future career prospects look bright?

Starting my own business

Is this business right for me?
Is this a suitable venue to start my business?
What are the right products and services I should offer?

Asking clear questions will help you get clear answers. Hence, it is recommended that you prepare a list of questions before you come in for your reading.