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What Our Clients Say ?


I totally enjoyed the reading. I feel that the reading was very useful for my life purpose and my current situation.

I can totally relate to the relevance of the reading. I will recommend it to others as well.


Business Development Manager

The reading was incisively penetrating to the subconscious mindset that garners the strains of thoughts that vibrates the soothing of the nerves.
Thank you

Jeremy Ho

Assistant Associate Manager

Yes, I enjoyed the reading a lot. I liked the part where she interpreted the cards and how it relates to my question and my life. She offered me very practical action steps and helped me understand what I’m going through.



This reading was spontaneous and spot-on in accuracy. Usha is really patient and compassionate in her readings.

Ganesh Moorthy


Dear Usha. Thank you for helping me understand about myself and my crossroads in life.

Mohana and Numerology

Homoeopathy Consultant