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Does Tarot Really work?

If the cards indicate wealth and financial reward, should you run out and buy that new Armani suit or dress?

Maybe you might. The reader’s skill of interpreting the Tarot involves the ability to remain objective, to accurately describe the message of the cards, and, with the Querent’s help, to put that message in the right perspective.

The cards are a great tool, and the message of the cards, if properly understood, guides you to arrive at the correct decision that already waits in your heart. The cards are in touch with a universal intelligence- our human collective unconsciousness .Like the dream world that opens your mind as you sleep – The tarot cards awaken that place deep within you that is in touch with your human nature.

Tarot really works when you look closely enough to get the real message, to both receive and understand it for what it really is. This means coming to the reading with an open and unprejudiced mind. Don’t assume anything- either as a reader or Querent- and be ready for anything. The true message of the Tarot may surprise you.

How Does The Tarot Work?

Tarot cards are a way for us to connect to the archetypal wisdom of the human collective unconscious. The Tarot deck in its entirety is a portrait of the human condition, its potential, and its possibilities. Shuffle the deck and deal the cards. Your Tarot reading is a reflection of those possibilities inherent in your life and present situation.

Does Tarot Seal Your Fate?

No. Nothing seals your fate. Your life path is a series of possibilities, branching off in one direction or another with each decision you make. A Tarot reading might suggest to you what could happen if you continue along a certain path, but it’s up to you to take responsibility of choosing your own direction, if you dare.

Much of the fear and superstition associated with the Tarot- and with all occult sciences- is that they somehow do foretell the future and seal your fate. Nothing about the Tarot is inexorable or inevitable. The Tarot reveals possibilities and probabilities, not certainties.

In fact, the only thing that’s certain about life is that nothing’s certain. Fate is what you make it.

Anyone know of any real good tarot card readers in Singapore ?

Most of the time, clients go to a Tarot Reader based on trust and word of mouth recommendations. Whether a Tarot Reader is good for you to consult will depend on whether you “frequency” or “vibrations” matches with each other.

Synchronicity is the principle of meaningful coincidence, studied by psychoanalysis pioneer Carl Jung. Being a universal believer in signs and coincidence, I would advise potential clients to trust such signs and coincidences and go with their instincts.

Where can I buy a good Tarot Deck?

Major bookstores like Kinokuniya and Borders carry some beginner’s decks that you can check out.

How much do professional Tarot Readers normally charge?

A professional reader often charges anywhere around $120-200 per session which is the norm. This cost takes into account the space rental and paying for the professional skills of the reader and the remedies that he/she gives the client.

Can you trust Tarot Readings to answer relationship questions?

Yes. Tarot Readings can give you clarity and insight into the dynamics of an existing relationship and study its future potential given your current energies of both the partners.

Tarot can become a wonderful tool for the personal exploration and growth of a relationship.

Do you really want to know the future?

Sometimes what we’re looking for might be not so much a glimpse of the future, but a glimpse of our true selves. The better we know ourselves, the more likely we are to have the confidence and self-esteem to work through our life decisions fully and with the care essential to produce splendid outcomes.

The Tarot can be a wonderful tool to help you get in touch with yourself. Instead of waiting passively for life to happen to you-reacting to events and emotions without fully understanding or appreciating what’s going on around you-you can use the Tarot to enhance your experience and active participation in the events and emotions of your life.


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