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Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy 

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystals are valuable in modern technology. They are used in watches and lasers and as switching and regulating devices in engines powering all manner of things from cars to space shuttles.

The stabilizing power of crystals has made them a natural instrument of holistic healing, thanks to their orderly atomic structure.

By placing a crystal against an aching muscle, for example, healing energies are directed to the source of complaint- often a tense and congested area – and the pain is alleviated.

Crystals appear in many forms, each with its own healing properties, and can be used in conjunction with chakra healing to treat specific parts of the anatomy.

Harnessing the potent and mysterious powers of the gemstones can be easily achieved by a experienced healer, either with a particular layout or with simple contact with the body, through crystal essences or with a simple crystal lightbox.

The very nature of crystals increase harmony in a person’s energy field and immediate environment. Crystals are known to be the most orderly matter in the universe. Because coherence is a stronger natural force than chaos, introducing order into a disorganized state- for example, by placing a crystal on an aching muscle- can increase the chances of the imbalance or disharmony returning to stability and order.

Whether the imbalance in us is a physical illness or emotional or mental upset, our energy pattern has lost its order. The simple, powerful resonance of a crystal, with its locked-in power of ancient fire and unique purity of form, may help us reinstate our balance and harmony.

What happens during a Crystal Healing Session?

How can Crystal Therapy be harnessed with Chakra Healing?

Our chakras are the energy centres of our bodies that control many of our life issues such as our personal power, self-esteem, money issues, emotions, love, communication, inner wisdom, knowledge and sexuality. When our chakras aren’t balanced, we face many recurring personal issues and health problems which prevent us from fully enjoying our lives. So it is important to balance and align our energy centres. One of the most effective ways to do this is through Crystal Healing Therapy.

Using crystals to align your chakras helps the energy to flow smoothly and restores balance to the affected chakra.

During the session, I use a pendulum to check your chakras for areas of blocks. Then, I use specific crystals to cleanse, activate, energise blocked chakras for your physical health, emotional balancing, mental clarity and focus or spiritual well-being.

You will leave the session fully charged and energised!

At the end of the session, you will be given a personalized recommendation of crystals to use that benefit your specific life issue.